Lack of RAM unveils a stunning double-remix casino online package of Empire of the Sun's modern classic, I'll Be Around. It's not often you get to work with the prophets of Indie-Dance music, so Lack of RAM delivered two completely different interpretations of the same extraordinary song. The first mix, "Disco Drop" has a swanky, soulful vibe made for the groove aficionados in all of us. The second mix will be released in the days come… so stay tuned!
Sep 04th, 2014
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In this first batch of new beats TRIV serves up his signature party tracks: Stank and Timmy. Stank takes the listener through melodic twists and turns and builds to a filthy bass drop that would offend most grown-ups. Timmy is another banger where TRIV morphs and bends a trashy bass line with clever sampling into a solid party starter. Both tracks have a nasty, growling low end that could easily inspire a mob riot; all the while contrasting with deeper, introspective melodic breakdowns. With these undeniably original tracks, TRIVs evolving sound is sure to...... continue reading →
Nov 07th, 2013

Just in time for Independence Day, Dirty In The Club featuring our very own LackofRAM drops a new DJ mix to heat up your summer. So go find yourself a pool party, some swimwear and a cold, stiff drink.... and go easy on the sunblock.
Jul 02nd, 2013

Sparkalize drops another batch of simmering club remixes that will have your party peaking all night long. This time, Sparkalize's anthemic "Party Girl" track gets smashed up by 2 incredible new on the rise producer/remixers:  Triv and Nuerologix.  Triv makes his debut release with this stunning, triplet-laden, EDM romp of Party Girl, while Neurologix slays it again with ninja vocal edits and rude-boy bass lines.  Also included is a punched up "Club Version" of the original Party Girl track for all the Electro-clash purists at heart.  If these remixes don't make you move, then...... continue reading →
Jun 25th, 2013